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Choose Kindness as your 2022 New Year's Resolution-

Greetings Dane County,

I wanted to share an idea that I had about a New Year’s Resolution for 2022. While the last few years have been uncertain, there is one thing that we all do to foster hope every day. Do you know what that is? Kindness. It can be seen, heard, felt and experienced in so many ways. Kindness goes from self-care, self-talk and self-acceptance, as well as, towards your family and friends, co-workers and community. The combinations are endless and the impact is limitless.

Many New Year’s resolutions are never completed. What if we sign up for the Kindness Challenge to be kinder, gentler, selfless and more compassionate every day in 2022? That means if you choose Kindness every day, you are impacting 365 experiences, situations and fostering hope just by your daily actions alone.

I challenge you to sign up for the Kindness Challenge at under Connect with Us. (Please write Kindness Challenge in the message box.) We’d also love for you to share how this change in behavior is impacting you and everyone that you have come in contact with while doing a kind deed.

They say that the best solutions are usually right in front of us. If we take a chance to slow down and really see what our Dane County community needs, it is creating hope and being more kind. Kindness impacts all areas of the community. From personal to professional, community kindness is everyone’s business. The business of human decency, win-win and collaboration is what the world needs more of.

Happy Holidays & have a kind day every day!

Julie Ann Gullickson

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Kindness Bank

A Division of Kindness Foundation Inc

A 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization

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