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CanDid Connect is the essence of KINDNESS BANK

Good Morning Kindness Bank members,

I am so excited to get the initial steps of our website set up today. I look forward to making changes on the daily that will evolve into something innovative, collaborative and useful as a resource for all things kind in our community in one convenient location. In addition, I will be adding additional sections and images to convey the intent behind Kindness Bank.

Our mission is to be invested in improving community health & well-being through acts of kindness. Kindness can take many forms and that will be the emphasis of our outreach. From self-care to community outreach, kindness can positively influence not only us but those we connect with.

We will be setting up areas where you can DEPOSIT your time, talent and resources as well as WITHDRAW what you feel you need as support from the community. We are creating an inviting, inclusive and diverse environment where all are welcome and feel safe.

You are probably wondering what the meaning of the title is about. CanDid Connect is an idea that will be a focus of our outreach efforts. CanDid Connect is all about feeling we Can do something, we Did do something and as a result the Connection brought about a positive change through being open-minded, growth mindset, selfless, compassionate and good communicators. We are better together! Imagine what can come about because of this level of community awareness, communication and empowerment!

Have a kind day and enjoy the sunny Saturday!

Kindness Mindset,

Julie Ann Gullickson

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Kindness Bank

A Division of Kindness Foundation Inc

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