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Welcome to Kindness Bank, where you can benefit from community support!

Kindness Bank's mission is to be invested in improving community health & well-being through acts of kindness.

Our vision is to create a Kindness Exchange where anyone can offer or receive support from their community.  Kindness Bank helps connect both parts to improve community health & well-being.  Anyone can use the Kindness Exchange.

Our future includes not only asking the community what they are looking for in support but also tracking the results. We have created a Candid Connect Committee to help us design our exchange and help us identify what is needed.  This committee will be focused on the impact of Community, Connections and Collaboration on community health!  

We look forward to meeting you!

Have a kind day everyday!


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"I worked with Julie for over a year.  In that time, I learned a lot about healthcare.  Julie is very passionate about teaching others how to live a healthy life.  She motivates others by leading by example.  She is a wonderful teacher, she always takes her time and she will answer all your questions fully."

Nick - VP Operations I Consultant I Continuous Improvement I Lean Manfacturing-
Nick was Julie's mentor

"Change starts with a passionate  person with a vision that they are dedicated to manifesting.  That describes Julie Gullickson and her vision for the Kindness Bank.  Julie has three key ingredients to success:  the people to be of service, the platform to make it happen and the perserverence to success.  I look forward to working with Julie and supporting her in the

Kindness Bank."

"Julie is passionate and driven and focused on success.  She has excellent organizational skills.  I wish her well with her new pursuits."

Margaret - Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant- Julie's former leadership executive assistant

Denise - Owner of You Define Wellness

- Julie was a client

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