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Denise, Owner of You Define Wellness - Julie was a client

Change starts with a passionate  person with a vision that they are dedicated to manifesting.  That describes Julie Gullickson and her vision for the Kindness Bank.  Julie has three key ingredients to success:  the people to be of service, the platform to make it happen and the perserverence to success.  I look forward to working with Julie and supporting her in the

Kindness Bank.

Nick, VP Operations I Consultant I Continuous Improvement I Lean Manfacturing-

Nick was Julie's mentor

Julie is passionate and driven and focused on success.  She has excellent organizational skills.  I wish her well with her new pursuits.

Margaret, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant- Julie's former leadership executive assistant

I worked with Julie for over a year.  In that time, I learned a lot about healthcare.  Julie is very passionate about teaching others how to live a healthy life.  She motivates others by leading by example.  She is a wonderful teacher, she always takes her time and she will answer all your questions fully.

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